Get Your Halo 3… Lingerie?

We’ve all been caught in the tsunami of Halo 3 hype, and it continues to flood us with no floaties in sight. If it’s not clothing, it’s a branded beverage, or a racing car, or even fancy toys. One would think with this diverse range of stuff that Microsoft’s marketing department simply went berko one day and slapped the words ‘Halo 3’ onto anything they could sell.

Well, it’s good to know this is not necessarily true. This Reuters story detailing Microsoft’s Halo 3 marketing bonanza mentions a few oddities that never saw the ink of the giant branding machine.

Items that did not make the cut were a “Halo”-themed lottery ticket, lingerie modeled after a female hologram character and toy guns based [on]the game’s weapons.

Lingerie? It may not have sold well, but I wouldn’t have ruled it out entirely…

“Halo” no longer just a game for Microsoft [Reuters]


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