Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising Delayed (Again)

g%26hscreen.jpg Gamasutra reports that Perpetual Entertainment has announced God & Heroes: Rome Rising is being delayed again, this time citing the need for more beta testing. In the same interview, Perpetual CEO Chris McKibbin said that Perpetual will be laying off 30-40 employees (the last delay of Rome Rising coincided with more layoffs) and clarified the company's relationship with SOE. As reported back in August, sources cited a changing relationship with SOE (with SOE moving from a co-publisher to a purely marketing role), but McKibbin clarified what he termed a "non-story":

Asked about reports that Sony Online had shifted from co-publisher to solely a marketing role with Gods and Heroes, representing a backing-off the project by Sony, McKibbin called it a "non-story that people spun a little." He clarified: "There was no change in our relationship with Sony... part of the confusion comes from the difference between online games and packaged goods games. Perpetual has always been the financer and creator of Gods and Heroes. What [Sony was]doing initially versus what they are doing now is the same; marketing and distribution, and that's it. We have a great relationship with them, and there hasn't been any change with that."

McKibbin didn't put a date on Rome Rising's ship date, saying only they are aiming for an early 2008 release.

Perpetual Announces Gods and Heroes Delay, Layoffs [Gamasutra via Worlds In Motion]


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