Guild Wars: Eye Of The North Goes Live

BurntSoul.jpgGuild Wars: Eye of the North, the first expansion for the Guild Wars franchise has officially gone live. The popular subscription-free title has been around for a few years now and this new expansion has loads of new material.

• 18 multi-level dungeons • 50 new skills across all 10 Guild Wars professions • 10 new Heroes • 40 new armor sets • New items, weapons, and titles.With Guild Wars 2 right around the corner, NCSoft and AreaNet have promised that players will be able to transfer the characters they've been working on smoothly from the previous incarnations to the new version with all their accomplishments in tact. I have to commend NCSoft and AreaNet for creating all this new content and continuing to keep it subscription free. After all, you paid for the game, why should you have to pay a monthly fee to actually play it? All of the Guild Wars games, including Eye of the North can be purchased at your local game store or downloaded from the NCSoft Website.


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