Guitar Hero X-plorer Will Work With Rock Band 360, USB Hub Packed In

rock_band_rigopolous.jpgHarmonix Music president Alex Rigopulos sat in on the latest OXM Radio podcast, running over the details of Rock Band's many facets with a fine tooth comb. While Rigopulos touched on nearly every aspect of the Rock Band experience, from the single player career mode to the multiplayer World Tour to the game's web site, some important details that merit singling out were revealed. One very important confirmation that he provided was the the Red Octane X-plorer controller for Guitar Hero II would indeed be supported with Rock Band, potentially saving current GHII owners gobs of cash.On the single player Career Mode front, Rigopulos confirmed that each music discipline would feature a different career defining song. The drum career mode will, for example end with the Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again" but the guitar career mode will cap off with something totally different.

For downloadable content, Harmonix is looking to release music without "radio edit" versions, issuing downloadable content that may deviate from the game's T-rating due to explicit language.

The Harmonix president also confirmed the wired and wireless situation for each instrument. For all versions, the microphone and drum kits will be wired. On the PLAYSTATION 3 edition, wireless guitars will be available. And, as specified earlier, the Xbox 360 SKU will ship bundles with wired guitar controllers, but wireless controllers will be available. And while the PS3 is USB ready, sporting four USB ports standard, Xbox 360 gamers won't be left cold, as Harmonix plans on including a USB hub for a full rock suite.

Even more details are available in the full OXM podcast.

KOXM Episode 79 [OXM Podcast]


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