Halo 3 Ban Only For MS Employees

halo3sick.jpgEarlier we reported that UK gaming site Pro-G had been in touch with Microsoft who had told them flat out that playing Halo 3 before launch day would get users banned from Xbox Live, whether or not they play the game while connected to the service. Pro-G has since been contacted by another Microsoft representative, who clarified to the site that the ban only applied to Microsoft employees who played the game early. It seems odd that a representative of the company would make such a huge mistake when talking to a popular gaming news site, doesn't it? I'm suspecting that this might have been a policy that quickly proved so unpopular that it changed in a rapid fashion. Either way, unless you work for Microsoft, game on!

Microsoft backtracks on Halo 3 LIVE ban threat [Pro-G - Thanks msane]


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