Halo 3 Best Buy Midnight Launch Locations

halo3box.jpgOne of our Best Buy moles has provided us with a list of Best Buy locations that will be holding midnight launch events for Halo 3. Eighty-eight stores have been chosen for this honour and there will even be some additional freebies to go along with your purchases. New SKUs show that promotional materials will be a Halo 3 Inflatable Chair and a mysterious "Official Launch Kit" the contents of which are currently unknown. If you live in the Jacksonville, FLA area, our buddy Bobby the Best Buy Guy invites you down to the store on Atlantic Blvd. for what is promised to be the best of the best of Halo 3 midnight events with plenty of fun and excitement to keep you going in what's sure to be a long wait in line.

Click on the image to see a readable version of the list.



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