Halo 3 Contest Reminder!

DSC01433-thumbreminder-23.JPG Don't forget to enter our Halo 3 schwag contest and win, well, Halo 3 schwag. Imagine that! All you have to do is answer questions about Fahey. Regular readers, you should know this stuff! The questions are:

1. What was the nickname of the blond football player who was on hand at the launch to play Halo 3 against his teammates? 2. Who does Fahey's body take orders from? 3. What did the upper classmen in Fahey's high school use as an excuse to repeatedly kick the lower classmen "in the junk?" 4. Which of Snake's special moves in Super Smash Brothers Brawl is Fahey's favorite? 5. Whose phone number does Fahey ask for after hearing of a Wii remote mishap in Colorado? 6. What video game movie opened this past weekend and how much did it take in at the Box office? 7. What did Fahey ask us to bring him back from Japan after the night of the Kotaku Japan party? 8.What kind of fingers does Fahey have? 9. How many calculation a second would everyone in the world need to do to achieve the petaflop that the PS3's [email protected] project hit. 10. What is the name of Fahey's cat?

Send your answers to kotakucontestATgmail.com with the words "Halo Schwag" in the subject field. Only one entry per a gamer. You have until Oct. 5 to enter the contest. The winner will be selected randomly from the people who correctly answer all ten questions. Good luck and no cheating, else ye be banned. No worse, we will hunt you down and fart in your general direction. Dead serious. Last date to enter is October 5th.


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