Halo 3 Ending Spills Onto Internets

Oh no! The ending to Halo 3 has been posted on the internet a full week before the game is due to be released! I've seen the video now, and to whoever posted it on the net, f*** y*** buddy. Even Crecente, who takes great pleasure in telling me things I am not supposed to know just to make himself feel better didn't spoil the ending of the game for me, and now Dr. McRandom Ass goes and tosses up a crappy phone-vid and ruins everything. Curiosity kicks my ass, so I had to look, but I am giving you folks a choice. I am not posting the video here. Screw that. Everybody else is either in or heading to Japan right now, so it's my call. If they show up later and decide to post it, it's their prerogative, but I won't be that guy. If you really want to see it, I'm sure you'll find it. In its place, I give you Charlie the Unicorn, a classic tale of epic adventure. Oh, and don't post a URL on where to find the video in comments. Make them work for it.


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