Halo 3 Japanese Store Sell Out Shocker

DSCF9387.JPG Stupid, stupid me. With all that crazy Halo 3 hype in Tokyo, I thought I could just waltz into a store at 6PM tonight and walk out with a copy of Halo 3. Know: My neighbourhood is wall-to-wall rad game stores. From my house, I can skip (yes, skip) to a Super Potato. But Super Potato doesn't sell Xbox 360 games, so I had to go elsewhere. Feeling confident, I didn't think it was necessary to get on a train and go to either Den-Den Town or Umeda. Surely, I could pick up a copy in my neighborhood. Who owns an Xbox 360? Me, and that's about it.


See those little white cards with blue writing on those Halo 3 copies? That means "sold out." You can check the copy of Fatal Inertia below it with red writing. That game, sadly, is not sold out. (Sorry Koei!) I actually was so not expecting this that it did not dawn on me that I should've asked the clerk how many copies were sold until I was driving home. Unwilling to admit defeat (c'mon this is Halo 3 in Japan!), I stopped by another totally tubular shop, which had Halo 3 copies coming out the whazoo. It even had imported versions! The store, though, didn't take credit cards, I didn't have cash, so fuckles.

So, proof positive that Halo 3 sold out in at least one store. In Japan, even. Congrats Microsoft!


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