Hanging with Everyday Shooter


Everyday Shooter - that PSN release that you'll hopefully all be downloading a couple of weeks from now - had a presence at the show, with its creator, Canadian Jonathan Mak, on hand to give people a go at the game. As the title isn't getting a Japanese release just yet, Mak was previewing the game from a laptop, and offering the use of earphones so that you could take in the game as it was meant to be played, meaning in a space where you can actually hear the music (not easy when you're located right next to Capcom's bombastic booth).

As has been written elsewhere, the game is an absolute blast, but surprising to me was the variety of gameplay that each level introduces. From Geometry Wars-like waves of enemies you move on to hard-to-kill and quickly-spreading insectoids to a level that Mak says was inspired by the Ghibli film Porco Rosso (you need to shoot down red airplanes that continually circle you).

It sounds like Mak is in a good place right now, with the release of the game coming up, and plans are already on the way for a new, undisclosed project. While I was at the booth, a writer for Japanese game bible Famitsu walked by, and he was so entranced that he pretty much promised on the spot that he would feature the game in an upcoming column.

Jean Snow


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