HBO Snaps Up Second Life Documentary

second_life_hbo.jpgThe Hollywood Reporter writes today that premium cable channel HBO has paid actual real-world dollars for the rights to air a documentary made within Second Life. Titled Molotov's Dispatches in Search of the Creator: A Second Life Odyssey, the 35 minute machinima doc will air sometime in 2008 and will be submitted by HBO for consideration for an animated short Oscar.The experimental work, which chronicles the interactions between Second Life inhabitants, has been described as "evocative" and "vivid", unsurprisingly by James Wagner Au, and destined for cult classic status on par with some of the best sci-fi.

Expect an influx of furries and flying wiggling penises following the Second Life documentary's commercial airing next year. In the meantime, interested viewers can view the first episode at the doc's official site.

HBO buys Second Life documentary [The Hollywood Reporter]


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