Heavenly Sword: Kai Gameplay

Wow, I didn't know you could play Heavenly Sword as diminutive Icelandic songstress, Bjork! Wait a minute, that's not Bjork, that's Kai, the crazy chick from the demo who talks to invisible things in her hands. Either way she's got a big ass gun for such a tiny little girl and she knows how to use it.I have a copy of Heavenly Sword in my hot little hands, I just need to carve out some time to check it out. Perhaps if I can plow my way through today's articles I'll get a chance. The more footage I see the more I like, I just hope the actual game lives up to the demo and the videos and turns out to be more than just (as someone so eloquently put it) "God of War with boobs." We shall see...


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