Hewlett-Packard Unveil New Prototype, Vid For Gaming Handheld

hphandheld.jpgHewlett-Packard have done a little more marketing work on their prototype gaming handheld, which we first heard about in April, and which still doesn't have a name (though as you can see above it has been given a facelift). It's been given the job of driving HP's Mscape software technology, which transforms real-world footage into a game via a combination of its own sensors, GPS, and... well, I don't really understand how it does it. I don't come from the future, where everyday people carry shit like this around in their back pocket. Sadly the device is very much in the prototype stage, and may not even be put into production... at least not until the year 2019, when people's minds will be ready for it. Slightly fanciful promo vid is after the jump.

HP Mscape gaming handheld revealed [Sci-Fi, via Gamasutra]


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