Hey Japan, Chill Out!

giantkazface2.jpg Western gaming market? Huge. Japanese market? Not so huge. When not recommending that developers use the PS3's "unique characteristics" to add "extra flavour," Sony Computer Entertainment president Kaz Hirai alleviates domestic fears in an interview with site IT Media. A good chunk of the interview is discussing whether or not the PS3 will still have Japan-centric games. Traditionally, different games appears to players in Japan and abroad. Serious stuff! According to Kaz:

There are probably people who think that, looking at the output of Worldwide Studios, there are fewer and fewer Japan-developed 'Japanese style' titles coming out. But we definitely don't have the intention of just bringing Western games into Japan. We will keep on steadily releasing titles that are developed in Japan and designed to appeal to all Japanese users... Speaking generally, it's obviously much better business sense to have games that, even if they're developed in Japan and designed for Japanese users, will be received in the same way by Western gamers... While I can't give an accurate number here, there are a number of games which are being developed with the viewpoint of making the game consciously for the Japanese market but also wanting it to sell well in the West... Just because the foreign market is bigger than the domestic one, we don't intend to take strategy of just making what would have been considered previously as 'Western games' and saying 'We've got no choice but to do this' to our Japanese users. If we did that, there'd be no point in having the Japan Studio.

Yup! So, Japan, relax. More Japan-friendly games are coming, and the PS3 won't be wall-to-wall Western first-person-shooters. *Looks at Resistance, Rainbow Six and Call of Duty 3* PS3 Content [Develop Mag, Thanks Jason!]


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