How BioShock Was Sold

apple.jpgPretty safe to say BioShock's a winner. Definitely a hit with both the 360 and PC kids. At least some of the credit for its success has to go to its marketing push, for which it was remarked more than once around Kotaku Towers "could not put a foot wrong". Gamedaily has an interview with 2K's "marketing partner" RDA, which is an interesting read:

If you saw the description of BioShock on paper, you'd never say that its success was going to be a slam-dunk. This was a risky game if ever there was one. I mean, this wasn't just a shooter that had you firing at aliens. This is a game about an industrialist in the 1940s who builds an underwater society that begins breaking down because a discovery is made about the peoples' DNA that causes them to go insane and they begin splicing their bodies and ... well, try distilling that down into a 30-second elevator pitch.

They didn't bother, instead emphasising things like playing on the notion that it was a "thinking man's shooter", building a community around the Cult of Rapture site and getting fan input on the collectors edition. All of which seem to have got the job done just fine. RDA and 2K in Rapture []


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