How Haruhi Was Wrapped In Porn Plastic

haruhipornbed.jpg It's After Dark, and the kids are asleep, let's hope. Earlier this month, we posted a freaky Lucky Star porn that featured a cosplaying actress in a vacuum bed. Apparently, also anime and upcoming PSP/PS2/Wii game adaptation Haruhi Suzumiya gets the same treatment with The Compression of Haruhi. There is a clip after the jump of the vacuum compression. It's freaky NSFW and might make some squeamish. Very, very squeamish.

So click over at your own risk and no crying!


    wah youtube have ALREADY removed it and i cant tell whether they saved me or whether i missed something cool

    lol wut?

    That was a fast video removal! Now I'm going to spend the rest of my life being curious about this video I never got to see. Damn, next time use Dailymotion.

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