How Microsoft Spent $US10 Million Selling Halo 3

mister_chief_berieve.jpgBungie's Halo 3 may seem like the kind of game that doesn't require anything beyond pocket change to effectively advertise. Day one sales are practically guaranteed to be in the bazillions, netting Microsoft an estimated trizillion dollars by the holidays. Regardless of the game's predetermined success, a multi-pronged advertising campaign, one to the tune of ten million bucks has been playing out over the course of the past ten months. Starting this week, you won't just see passing mention of Halo 3; you'll be soaking in it.

This week, according to BrandWeek's report on Microsoft's marketing efforts, will bring about a new push for next Master Chief adventure. With the "Starry Night" TV spot behind us, the beta long gone and Project Iris keep fans momentarily distracted, the hype machine has moved on to the "Believe" portion.

BrandWeek describes it as a "week-long celebration featuring the making of specials, tournaments and media frenzy typical of a Hollywood blockbuster will lead up to a midnight madness event." They dissect the campaign in their latest analysis.

Strategy: Anatomy Of An Onslaught: How Halo 3 Attacked [Brand Week]


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