Humans Get Baby Unicorns By Doing It With Adult Unicorns

nsfwunicorn.jpgWhen someone asks me why I think Second Life is so stupid, I normally just shrug and say "cos". Figure it'd take too long to get into a discussion on the matter. Now, though, I can just point to this, and we'll be all set! In-game merchants Sensual Stoneworks will provide you with a baby Unicorn...provided you consent to (or fail to resist) a rather unpleasant invasion of your personal space by a male adult Unicorn's junk. So, yes. Short of painting a picture, you get fucked by a unicorn, then you get a baby Unicorn. If the world ends tomorrow, with fire, brimstone, four horsemen, etc, I'm blaming this. Baby Unicorn Power!!! [Second Life Herald, via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


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