IGA Eyes Xbox 360 For Next Console Castlevania

castlevania_64.jpgThe man who eats, sleeps, breathes and craps Castlevania, Koji Igarashi, sat down with Game Informer to chat about the future of the classic Dracula slaying franchise. With "IGA" and crew already hard at work on wrapping up Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles for the PSP and churning out another Nintendo DS sequel, one might wonder when the team plans to revisit Castlevania on home consoles. Iga says it's a possibility, but you might want to secure yourself an Xbox 360 if you want to play it.He tells GI that "I think the Xbox 360 would be the best platform for the U.S. market" citing the series' lopsided success stateside. Igarashi does, however, give PLAYSTATION 3 owners some hope, saying "As you know, Konami will release Metal Gear for the PS3, so Metal Gear might expand the PS3 market. In that case, we may release Castlevania for the PS3."

The Castlevaniac also touches on staying true to 2D, revealing that, based on the performance of the PSP port, he may decide to stick with side scrolling gameplay for any future console releases. I just pre-ordered ten copies. I suggest you do the same if you don't hate gaming.

Whip It Good: Koji Igarashi Talks About The Future Of Castlevania [Game Informer]


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