Inafune "Really Wants" Dead Rising 2

ash_inafune_tgs07.jpg Dead Rising creator Keiji Inafune really wants to do Dead Rising 2. He told me that, saying "I really want to do Dead Rising 2." We spotted the current Capcom Research & Development and Online Business head wandering outside TGS. Our conversation:

Ashcraft: So Dead Rising 2 won't be announced next year? Inafune: Yeah. The original team has been split up and is working on different projects. Ashcraft: And you are probably busy with your executive role at Capcom? Inafune: I do really want to do Dead Rising 2. It's just still hard to get games for the Western market approved. Ashcraft: But Dead Rising was a big hit abroad. Inafune: It wasn't a big hit here in Japan. Ashcraft: Why is it hard to still get Western-geared games approved in Japan? Inafune: You live here. You know how it is. That's why getting games for the Western market is still a challenge. So we need people like [Osaka-based Capcom producer]Ben Judd to bridge the gap between Japan and abroad. It's really hard for people like Ben, I'm sure.

Microsoft Japan boss Takahashi Sensui walks by, says a brief "Hello". Sensui notices me, smiles and tells Inafune, "Watch out for this guy." Inafune laughs.

Ashcraft: Capcom has been cranking about a lot new IPs like Dead Rising, though — not just relying on sequels. Inafune: And there are a lot more new titles coming. A lot more.


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