Infogrames Rocks My World

infogrameslogo.jpgInfogrames was once the world's leading company with an aardvark as its mascot until one day they purchased and eventually became Atari, but I will always remember them fondly...or at least I thought I would. That was before I stumbled upon an mp3 posted at GayGamer of a theme song the company had commissioned to help promote, and I am only guessing here, company-wide seppuku. Just look at the opening lines:

"There's Nascar Heat, Tonka Town...Stuntman makes my head spin round. Beachhead, TransWorld, Freddie 5...Unreal Tournament, Test Drive..."

You pretty much get the idea. The song starts out deep and soulful and soon degenerates into a synth-smeared R&B tune, the chorus of which does a terrible job of convincing anyone that "Infogrames rocks!" I am so not embedding this MP3 here. Hit the jump and prepare to be embarrassed on the behalf of an entire company.

Infogrames Company Anthem < Paris Hilton's Singing []


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