Jack Thompson Vs Halo 3

Jack Thompson Vs Halo 3

Yes, you read that right. Jack Thompson, attorney at, uh, law, is at it again. This time round, his sights are set on Microsoft’s recently released Halo 3.

According to the GamePolitics.com story, Thompson believes Halo 3 is a public nuisance. GP goes on to rightly point out the neither Halo 3, or its retailers, are engaged in prostitution or gambling, making his case somewhat shaky on those grounds. But that’s not the worst of it.

More troubling by far are the long term implications of this action. Thompson apparently feels emboldened to invoke Florida’s public nuisance law against any video game he desires to target. That is the essence of censorship and the video game industry cannot allow it to continue on any number of grounds – legal, moral or creative.

Who will stand against this man? Take 2 has had a go of it… is there anyone else?

Jack Thompson Seeks to Have Halo 3 Declared a Public Nuisance in Florida [GamePolitics.com]

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