Japanese Market "Strategic Priority" for EA

japanmapbasic.gifElectronic Arts has decided that it needs to up the East Asian ante and either partner up with or acquire a Japanese company: with successful partnerships in China and South Korea (with The9 and Neowiz, respectively), EA's on the hunt for a similar deal in Japan. EA's revenue from East Asia is neglible in the face of profits from North America and Europe, and Japan has been a far lower priority than the burgeoning online markets in Korea and China:

"[The question is]can we get to the scale that we want to more quickly if we work with someone [in Japan]that actually has had success in the market," said Mr Niermann [president of EA Asia] . "I think EA offers a great global distribution opportunity in terms of taking Japanese products to other parts of the world and in turn there are certainly companies that are much better at local development than we've ramped up to be."

While I get the logic behind the mad rush for the potentially lucrative Chinese market, it does seem odd that some companies are just cluing into the fact that maybe - just maybe - they should be tapping into the already large-and-extant Japanese market.

EA hunts for Japan game outfit [MSNBC]


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