Keiichi Yano on the Elite Beat, XBLA, and the East-West Divide

elitebeatbox.jpg We mentioned Keiichi Yano earlier this week with the announcement that iNiS is working on a 360 title, but Gamasutra has an interesting interview up with him touching on topics ranging from the success of Elite Beat Agents, to the advantages of the Live Arcade format, to the East-West divide (or lack thereof). A sampling on his thoughts on the flow between East and West in terms of game design:

There needs to be more insight from a technical vantage, and just more of a game design sampling, I think. I know that Western developers are interested in Japanese thinking in terms of game design, so that's why I think a lot of game designers are called to GDC this year, including myself. I think it's really several things, but those two are probably the major reasons, I think. Hopefully, that'll continue to grow and Japanese developers come to the States or Europe more to gain information that we wouldn't be able to gain just being in Japan.

It's an interesting interview with some nice perspectives on a variety of topics. We'll be waiting for the next update on exactly what iNiS is working on for the 360.

Feeling The Elite Beat: Keiichi Yano On Crossing Over [Gamasutra]


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