Ken Levine, Nice Person. Too Nice?

Ken_Levine_4677squinty.jpg Know this: Weekend Editor Flynn De Marco is really nice. Probably the nicest person here at Kotaku! (The rest of us are horribly mean bastards.) So when Flynn says someone else is nice that probably means that they are extremely nice — too nice, even! And according to Flynn, BioShock creator person Ken Levine is, well, nice.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Ken Levine at E3 and a nicer guy you will never meet. He emailed me with his support during the time of our site hack and when I saw him again at the BioShock launch party he treated me like an old friend and even introduced me to his lovely wife... When I spoke to him, the poor guy was supposed to be on vacation, basking in the knowledge that he had just put many years of work to rest and that people were loving it. Instead, he's scrambling around trying to satisfy the needs of some vocal, angry gamers. He did admit that the PC issues were something that shouldn't have happened and he has done everything in his power to help resolve these issues to people's satisfaction... He also mentioned to me that it was his idea to offer the orchestral soundtrack for free download on the Cult of Rapture website... Their launch party was even billed as an "appreciation" party and the guests were not just people who worked for the company, but members of the press and long time active forum members from The Cult of Rapture.

See, isn't that nice? Yes, yes it is. Still, a man that squints as much as Ken Levine must have a mean streak. Can't wait for the sordid rumours of torturing interns and kicking puppies! Ken Levine and BioShock Fracas [GayGamer]


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