Killzone 2 Devs Joyously Toe The Line

kz2.jpgThink Guerilla are happy to be working on the PlayStation 3? Oh, man, they're over the moon. Couldn't be happier! No 360 for them, nuh unh, it's rubbish. It's PS3 or bust. Guerrilla's Merman Hulst:

We are taking huge advantage of the architecture of PS3. I firmly believe that what we've shown we can get out of that machine would be difficult, if not impossible, to deliver on a competing machine.

Think he means the 360 there. He could be taking a shot at the Wii as well, I don't know, but slapping two cheeks with their soft, velvet PS3 glove would be a bit much. Killzone dev: Blu-ray is for games - not movies [CVG]


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