Kojima Productions Working On English Metal Gear Solid 4 Demo

oldersnake.jpgFor me, and for a whole lot of other people, Metal Gear Solid 4 was the gaming highlight of TGS. It's slick. Sad thing is, very few of you got to play it, what with very few of you living in Japan. Which is a shame! Lucky for you, Kojima Productions have today started work on an English-language demo of the game, Ryan Payton saying yesterday:

As of tomorrow, we're going to start working on the English demo... Anything I say beyond what I'm going to say is going to incriminate me and people are going to know what I'm hinting at.

Good to hear. While the hardcore would buy MGS4 if they had to wade through a sea of rusted razor wire dipped in pig shit, I think some of the additions to the game in terms of the way you can approach a mission will make a demo worth a look-in for people traditionally put off by Metal Gear. The KP Report Session 059 [The KP Report, via Shacknews]


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