Kotaku Originals: From Halo 3 Tidbits to An Austin Adventure

P1070434.jpg It's Saturday morning and time to tune in to another fine episode of Kotaku Originals. Crecente heads to Seattle for some early Halo goings on, Fahey's Austin experience gets rounded up and poor Ash gets stuck with another 360 lemon.

Halo Beverage MADNESS Continues

Nintendo Have "No Plans" To Release Silver DS Lite In Australia

Nintendo Begins "Hanabi Festival" For PAL Virtual Consoles

The Heavenly Sword Letter Opener

The Halo 3 Hoodie

Halo Diorama May Tour Country

Spider-Man: Friend or Foe Xbox Live Demo

Bashcraft's "Fixed" Xbox 360 Dies. Again.

First Pics Of Simpsons, Spider-Man PSPs

Drinking Free Joe In Ritzy Ginza With PSP2K

Japanese Ladies and Matching Shirts

Microsoft's Pre-TGS Presser

McFarlane Halo 3 Figures

Ikaruga Announced For Xbox Live Arcade

Rez HD Coming To Xbox Live Arcade

On The Ground

Free Gold Membership Is Japanese-less

Take-Two Loves BioShock Sales, Discuss Sequel Plans

Sony To Get Dressy?

L.A. Noire Delayed To 2009

Fahey's Big Austin Adventure

Make Love, Not Warcraft Wins Emmy

Kotobukiya's Red & Blue Master Chief Figures

Why Are You All Ignoring Blue Dragon?

Alright, Whose Grandparents Game?


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