Kotaku Originals: From TGS to Halo 3

halo_3_wait.jpg It's been an exciting week here at Kotaku Originals. Poor Fahey toiled away endlessly in Kotaku Tower while the rest of the crew took on the teeming masses at TGS, Crecente managed to find time to review Halo 3 and team McWhertor/Wilson found out first hand what a Japanese Halo launch is like.

Silent Hill: The Arcade Hands-On Impressions

(Early) Rogue Galaxy Impressions Japanese Halo 3 Works In US Xbox 360

Master Chief Becomes Embroiled In Australian Politics

Jericho Sucks Less Than I Expected

The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass

The Great Halo 3 Giveaway

Halo 3 Japanese Store Sell Out Shocker

Xbox 360? Would You Like A Wii With That?

So...Why Exactly Is The DualShock 3 Coming Next Year?

Tempered Halo 3 Japanese Mid-Morning Launch Madness

Sumimasen, Is *This* The Halo 3 Line?

The Line For Halo 3 Starts Here

Can You Find The Halo 3 Billboard In Akihabara?

Eternal Sonata - Charmingly Average

Nintendo's Llewelyn Hangs Up Her Hat

The Hidden Gems of TGS

The Ride Of The Mongeese

Finish The Launch

Eye of Judgment, PSEye in the House

What Did You Think of Halo 3?

The Future of Sony Online Entertainment?

Not Entirely True

The Justify Files

The Halo 3 CliffsNotes Review: AKA The Score

Halo 3 Forge, Co-Op Impressions

Halo 3 Review


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