Kotaku Originals: From Zero Gravity To World In Conflict

Saturday morning and another week filled to the brim with Kotaku Originals. Fahey enlists in the Logos Academy and gets weightless and Crecente checks out the Project Blackbird 02.

A Really Nifty Pinball Emulator

Shadow Monsters (Gameplay?) Is A Bit Amazing

Enrolling At Logos Academy

In The Beginning Of AGDC

Videos From Beyond Gravity

Flight Of Anti-Gravity

Zero G Souvenirs Madame Tussauds' Master Chief Invades Las Vegas

Garriott's New Playhouse

Stranglehold System Requirements May Not Require Second Mortgage

Wii Tennis On A 103-Inch TV

Sweet Remote Controlled HDMI Switchers

Golfing For The Outdoors Averse And Super Rich

Checking Out CEDIA

Logos Academy Swag Bag

Riding The Vomit Comet

PAL PS3 Starter Packs Will Vary Between Regions

Tabula Rasa Dated

Project Blackbird 02 Impressions

Project Blackbird 02 Rundown

Project Blackbird Lands At My House

Heading Down Garriott's House

Karraker On Blackballs, Blogging And Bye Byes

Game Writing Meets Star Trek

Morhaime On Taking Over The World

Obligatory Picture Of A Bag

Live Sees Unix, Linux, Gates As Inappropriate Motto

BioShock Leads To Childhood LEGOs And Quoting

Xbox 360 Fall Update To Bring Parental Timer

Msoft Investigator Confirms Halo 3 Manual

The Lair Lighter

Xbox 360 Chatpad In The House

Lair Playing On My PSP2K

Rock Band, The Packaging


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