Kotaku Originals: Return Of The Revenge Of The Cons

kaHHHHHHHN-thumb.gifIt was another week of cons here at Kotaku Originals! The boys drink their way through Leipzig, I struggle to keep up with PAX and Crecente gets a PSP2K.

My New Elite 360

The Mother Of All Quilts

PSP2K Playing Video and Games

PSP 2K Video Walkthrough

Some Menu Differences On The PSP2KPSP Slim In The House

The Wii Bar Unveiled

Warhawk's Jabra Headset

The Snazzy Warhawk Book/Journal/Thing

A Blackout!

Splash Damage Talks Quake Wars And Karma

Xbox 360 Repairs Slow To Crawl

A Wii Bar To Drink And Play

Nerd Magazine Hands On

Orcs & Elves DS Hands-On Impressions

The Simpsons Game Co-op Hands On Impressions

Games For Windows Live Maybe, PhysX Not So Much

Play TV On PS3 Explained

IGN Brings Hammer Down On BioShock Queue Jumpers

Daglow Defines Next-Gen (Hint: It's Wii, WoW & Guitar Hero)

New 360 Core Coming to U.S. This Holiday

Sega's Nintendogs-Like Card Game Ride THING

Bashcraft's 360 Finally Dies (How's Yours?)


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