Kotaku TGS Party Lips-On Impressions

beerheader.jpgSo last night, we held a party! No. Two parties. See, so many people turned up that we filled cozy Tokyo bar Mother to its proverbial brims, meaning we had to open up an auxiliary party at Mother's nearby sister bar, Mother's Ruin. So, for those unable/unwilling to make it, how was the night? It was wonderful.

As mentioned, Mother was cozy. Excellent nachos, excellent fried chicken, jugs of beer served with peas. Little different, then, but by God it got the job done. The booze flowed freely all night, with a nice mix of readers, local industry types and crazed stalkers turning up. As did the police. Like, five of them. On pushbikes! Apparently they were there to enforce Japan's strict no-drinking-outside-the-pub laws, but I figured they were just big TDIG fans, and wanted to pop in and say hi. They really were lovely. They even waved goodbye! popo.jpgOther highlights: a karaoke evening where Johnny Cash was belted out and Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody was "murderized", an appearance by Phil Collins and waaaaay too many G&Ts. Good, good times. Big thanks to all who braved the Tokyo streets and made it such a special, special evening. Especially you, Phil Collins.


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