Kotaku's Halo 3 Launch Plans

finishthefahey.jpgIt's time to announce Kotaku's super-secret, hyper-exciting plans for the biggest game launch of the year! Tada! You can't see it from where you are sitting, but I just struck a dramatic pose. Yes, our plans for the Halo 3 launch, with the majority of our staff either travelling home from or still in Japan that evening, is me. Specifically me, in New York, attending the official Halo 3 New York launch at the Best Buy at 529 5th Ave, where there will be prizes, giveaways, local athletes I won't recognise (go sports ignorance!), Major Nelson, and at midnight - "a spectacle unlike any other". I don't know, I've seen more than my fair share of spectacles, so that's a pretty tall order there. Meanwhile, my copy of Halo 3 will be sitting in a GameStop in Atlanta, feeling terribly neglected. If you plan on hitting up the NYC launch, I'll be the 6'5" man with the shaved head carrying an uncomfortably heavy backpack around, possibly sweating profusely. Me, not the backpack. Hit up Major Nelson's blog for more details on the New York launch, as well as the official launch events in LA, Miami, and Seattle.


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