L.A. Noire Delayed To 2009

lanoire_delay.jpgTeam Bondi's PLAYSTATION 3 detective thriller L.A. Noire has been "moved out" of Take-Two's fiscal year 2008 release schedule, announced today during the company's financial conference call. L.A. Noire, which will fall under the Rockstar Games banner and touts former Team Soho developers—of The Getaway fame—, was first announced in the summer of 2005 for a release on the PS3, part of an agreement to develop multiple Sony-exclusive titles. Little has been shown of the game outside of a pair of trailers and it doesn't look like we'll see much more of it any time soon.

Take-Two also confirmed that the PSP rhythm game Beaterator has also slipped off the release radar, moving to at least 2009.


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