Lair Was Cursed?

ghoulish.jpgOh, OK. So Lair isn't crap. It's cursed! Factor 5's Julian Eggebrecht has told MTV that Lair didn't just endure a troubled development. Something was up. Something...supernatural.

I am not a believer in ghosts, but this one was haunted.

Our trailer was very dark, and we delivered the trailer with a different black level for the frames than Sony was expecting, making them even darker. They showed the material at the last minute to Kutaragi-san, who didn't see a thing and bounced us off the [PS3's demo]reel. That's why the first tech-trailer was shown at the PlayStation meeting a few months later. That was the start of one catastrophe after the other - deaths in the family at the worst time [and]sudden surgeries for key members, which bounced the technology off-track. And just in general, every single time there was a crucial delivery, something bizarre went wrong - all the way to power outages when writing the master disks.

To be fair, there's mention of the game's curse in the game's commentary track, which was obviously recorded long before the game was released to less-than-stellar reviews. So it's not them trying to cover their asses. But it does make you wonder. Maybe the other side was trying to tell them they should have tried something else! A golf game, maybe. Or a dating sim. Anything, really, so long as it didn't involve flying.

'Lair' Struggles To Overcome Curse; Plus 'Guitar Hero' For Wii, 'Halo 3' & More, In GameFile [MTV]


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