Last Day to Make Red for Heavenly Sword

HSBururian.jpeg Last day! This is it!! Those hoping to enter our Heavenly Sword contest have until midnight EST tonight to enter. The entries we've been getting so far are knock-outs and choosing finalists is going to be damn hard. Check out what Kotakuite Bururian sent in, writing:

Can't remember how buzzed I was actually doing it though. I did drink most of that beer though.

We've got one copy of Heavenly Sword with fiery sword-swinger Nariko to give away. But, we're not just going to give it away. You've got to win it! Here's the contest: Red. Lots and lots of red. Take a picture with as many red things as you can squeeze in. Remember, be creative. Don't be afraid to leave your house to take the pics! It doesn't have to be just a bunch of products. Just think red! Because the most interesting/creative ones will be selected by the mean Kotaku staff as finalists. The best one will then be selected by Kotakuland. Deadlines for entries is next Thursday at midnight EST. Send entries to and be sure to include a "Kotaku" sign in your picture. You need a Kotaku sign. Good luck! Heavenly Sword [Official Site]


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