Last Day To Write for TGS Schwag

DSCF9385thurs-1.JPG Today is the last day to enter our TGS schwag contest. We've got a bag full of TGS stuff to give away. To you, perhaps! (Or you or you or you.) What are we giving away? A fistful of TGS fans - including a Flynn used Metal Gear Solid 4 fan. What's more, we're throwing in a Japanese Halo 3 t-shirt, an Adventure Island shirt signed by Takahashi Meijin and a program on which he scribbled a pyramid describing the current market. There's a bunch of VERY RANDOM things as well. How do you win this? Send us an email at, pick a TGS post you like (include the URL) and write a paragraph on why it stood out. Just look at what reader April has done with Sony's Booth Babe Human Wave:

Everyone seems to have missed the real point of this exercise, which is a shame as it's such a video game cliche. So here's the strategy guide: One of these women is the REAL booth babe. She's the only one that's vulnerable to your attacks. Defeat her, and you will have beaten TGS and become the Champion of Otaku Gaming. All of the best that TGS has to offer will be yours - you get to skip to the front of the long Level 5 booth line, have first crack at the drums in Rock Band, and play the MGS4 demo for as long as you want. The rest of the women are just there just to distract you, making you waste your time and energy on things like the Lair booth and PSP ports of PS2 games. So choose wisely, TGS warrior, and may you prevail in the Sony Booth Babe Quest!

See, we aren't looking for flattery, but rather, sharp writing. Insight, even. Deadlines for entries is this tonight, AKA soon. Sharpen those pencils!


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