Lawyer Wants Lawyer Stricken From GTA IV

objection.jpgI hate writing about him. I really do. Mainly because he's like a freaking over-eager Candyman who can't wait for the third time you invoke his name, but sometimes we just have to. The lawyer in question here is angry at Take 2 over Grand Theft Auto IV (surprise!). In the September issue of Game Informer magazine, Rockstar stopped by to play the 360 version of the game for a bit, and apparently the first mission they came across involved killing a certain lawyer. Upon breaking into the law offices of said lawyer, Niko pulls a gun on the man, who says, "Guns don't kill people. Video games do". So now our favourite real-life lawyer is convinced that Take 2 is trying to encourage people to kill him. Of course our boy is a letter writer, and Game Politics has a copy of the letter written to Take 2 chairman Strauss Zelnick, informing him that they have until 5PM this Friday to inform him via email that the sequence will be removed from the game or he will take actions to stop the release of a game that "targets me personally in this fashion". A copy of the letter was also filed with the federal court in Florida, who I am sure is getting as much a kick out of this as we are.

This back and forth between the lawyer and Take 2 is beginning to get ridiculous. Granted GTA IV is only a game, but why even bait the guy, knowing full well he would make a connection between himself and the fictional video game lawyer? It almost feels choreographed to me, like Rockstar planned on showcasing the one mission in their hour-long gameplay session that would ruffle his feathers. Enough already.

Jack Thompson Says GTA 4 Mission Target is Him; Threatens to Block Release [Game Politics]


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