Learn To Forge J Allard's Signature By Winning BIg Halo 3 Prize Pack

halozune.jpgMicrosoft are running a charity auction on eBay. They're running it right now. It's billed as THE ULTIMATE HALO 3 PACKAGE, and over-excitement aside, they're probably right. It contains more Halo stuff than you could point a Halo 3-themed stick at, including a Halo 3 360 (signed by Bill Gates), a 360 HD-DVD drive, the entire Halo 3 trilogy (the special editions, of course), some controllers, some figures, blah blah blah. Whatever. None of that crap matters. What matters is that included in the pack is a Halo 3 Zune. A Halo 3 Zune signed by former Xbox pin-up boy, current Zune visionary and future world mountain bike champion James "J" Allard.

JWINS.jpg That's right. His signature. Which should make forging it in order to avoid any hypothetical restraining orders he may have issued that much easier. Not that J would need to issue a restraining order. He calls us all the time. We tight. And not that any restraining orders would be against us. That's a hypothetical scenario.

Bid on the Ultimate Halo 3 Package [Xbox.com]


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