Live Sees Unix, Linux, Gates As Innapproriate Motto

linux-is-bad.jpgXbox -Scene is reporting that Xbox Live refuses to let users use the words Linux or Unix in their Live Motto because they are "inappropriate language." Wow, that's about as obnoxious as you can get. Actually, I'd love to see what other words are on their no-no list. I did a couple of tests, first confirming the Unix and Linux bans, and found that while Playstation, Nintendo, PS3 and Wii were all acceptable, "Bill Gates" was not. Funny huh? I suppose they're mostly worried about what you will put after his name.

I wonder if Nintendo or Playstation have strange fits of inappropriate red action as well?

'Linux' or 'Unix' is Inappropriate Language as LIVE Motto According to [Xbox Scene, via Slashdot]


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