LIVE Will Have More Impact Than Wii-mote

giantpetermolyneuxface.jpg Peter Molyneux? Microsoft fanboy. Hey, he gets checks from them! When Microsoft bought his Lionhead Studios, it officially made Molyneux a Microsoft employee. As a Microsoft employee, he's got to do his fair share of grandstanding. Take this Molyneux insight, for example:

All I can say is that Microsoft is an incredibly smart company and I never fail to be impressed by just how clever they are. Don't forget this is the company which pioneered LIVE which I believe will ultimately be far more impactful on video games in the long term than something like the Wii controller.

So write that down, kiddos! Giant Peter Molyneux says Xbox LIVE will have a greater long-term impact than the Wii-mote. Agree? Disagree? Whatever! Fable 2 Interview [CanalJuegos]


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