Logitech Releases PS3 Bluetooth Goodness

logstuff.jpgPS3 owners looking for a luxury keyboard might consider the Cordless MediaBoard Pro Bluetooth Keyboard from Logitech. Beyond its piano black exterior sure to magnetise dust to match your PS3, the keyboard features basic SIXAXIS button controls and web browsing media shortcuts during 200 hours of battery life. And while the built-in touchpad won't be ideal for an FPS, it will make simple mouse tasks couch-convenient.

Logitech's new Cordless Bluetooth Vantage Headset is a high quality, noise-filtering device that runs up to 12 hours on rechargeable batteries. That's the length of some multiplayer fests for many of our readers, but Bluetooth sucks the battery power. And besides, it will match your keyboard beautifully. Both peripherals are priced at a hefty $US80 and will be in stores this November.

Logitech Accessories [gizmodo]


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