Lost Odyssey, Lights Out

DSCF9291.JPG This picture was taken with the lights off. Or when the lights flickered on. I forget. With a room full of cameramen, boom mics, a giant plasma TV and a hot hot Xbox 360, the breaker in the fancy Microsoft hotel room conked out. The 20 or 25 minute Lost Odyssey demo that Hironobu Sakaguchi played through looked gorgeous as usual with the in-game stuff being real time. The combat system features timing based attacks, which are used by holding down the right trigger and letting go at a precise moment. Sakaguchi pointed out that the cut-scene cinematics are pre-rendered, however. The rational? "It's easier to make the spectacular scenes as a pre-rendered movie," Sakaguchi points out. When asked if he could make a totally real time RPG by the next generation, Sakaguchi responded:

We could do it all in real time [on the Xbox 360] .

And how many discs will Lost Odyssey ship on? Four. Yes, four.


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