Luc Bernard's The Rose Princess

therosepricess.jpgLuc Bernard is the mind behind the interactive fairy tail Eternity's Child, which is heading to the Wii and DS. After reading the story I posted yesterday, Bernard contacted Kotaku to offer up some exclusive details on another game he has in the works, The Rose Princess. At its heart, The Rose Princess is a story about a cello player and her rabbit, which seems cute and harmless enough, but then the details start coming. The cellist in question is found one day by said rabbit, lying amidst a field of dead roses (yes roses grow on bushes, but it's a different world than we live in). The girl is cursed so that everything she touches dies. Luckily her newfound friend isn't quite a living thing. No, Mr. Cuddles is a failed entertainer machine...a mechanical bunny created to sing and dance who can do neither. Before I continue, let me warn you that Mr. Cuddles is about to get a lot less cute. Being a failed mechanical creature, Mr. Cuddles was throw out with the trash, after which he turned to cross-dressing and prostitution to make money for a place to live and to support his growing alcohol and drug dependency. Yeah, it's getting a bit deep.

So the drug-addicted, alcoholic, cross-dressing prostitute mechanical rabbit meets the cello player who can kill with a touch, and together they go on a journey to find acceptance in a world that doesn't want them or fears them.

The Rose Princess herself is inspired by Megan McCauley, a singer/songwriter from Cleveland Ohio whose work includes songs on both the Fantastic Four and Elektra Soundtracks. If you hop to her MySpace you'll immediately see the resemblance. Bernard calls McCauley his "artistic muse", and is hoping to get her to lend her voice to the main character in the game.

Bernard calls The Rose Princess a "Glam Action RPG", and considers it to be his chef d'oeuvre - his masterpiece. Unlike Eternity's Child, the game will be entirely 3D with a completely cello-based soundtrack. He hopes to release it in episodic format, and while no platform has been chosen yet for the game he is very interested in the PlayStation Network.

Below you'll find some concept art for the game featuring the titular Rose Princess and her bunny companion. It's a pretty avant-garde concept for the video game industry, but perhaps that's exactly what we need to generate something fresh and new in a business that tends to feed on itself a bit too much.



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