Mad Catz Buys Joytech From Take-Two

joytechlogo.jpgThere can be only one. Budget peripheral/accessory makers Mad Catz and Joytech, once bitter rivals, are now brothers, courtesy of Take-Two's financial woes. Mad Catz have bought Joytech from former owners Take-Two lock, stock and barrel, taking possession of Joytech's assets, staff and executive parking spaces. Take-Two's Ben Feder:

The sale of the Joytech assets is consistent with one of the key goals we established in our 100 Day Plan: to develop strategic alternatives for any operations that we determined to be outside our core publishing business.

Joytech employees in the UK and US should be safe, with "substantially all" of them to be kept in a job. Take-Two are happy, Mad Catz are happy, everybody gets a happy ending. Take-Two sells Joytech to Mad Catz []


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