Major Nelson Clears Up The Xbox Live Mega-Ban

xbox_bannerio.jpgIt's a good thing Ashcraft wrote in last night's report that the banning of some 23,000 Xbox Live accounts for taking advantage of a Call of Duty 4 beta exploit was "unconfirmed" because Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb says, quite clearly, that it's not true. He writes in his Xboxy blog "We did NOT ban tens of thousands of folks yesterday as some are reporting."Hryb does warn that players who are seeking roundabout methods to sneak into the beta sans official token may be violating the Xbox Live terms of use, which could definitely result in an account hammer whacking you in the hiney. The Major also writes that sharing your account isn't just a dumbass move (dumbass), it's another violation of the terms of use.

Basically, hold tight and don't do anything stupid like getting your account axed just weeks away from the Halo 3 release. Think you can manage that, braniacs?

Xbox Live Bans and you [Major Nelson]


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