Major Nelson Misses TGS

larryhryb.jpgMan do I feel bad for Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb right now. Seems he was all set for his flight to Tokyo to attend TGS when he discovered his passport was missing. No passport equals no Tokyo, and as anyone who has ever tried can attest, getting a replacement passport on short notice is no easy task. Thankfully both TriXie and VideoMonkey will be there to cover the event for, but Larry will be heading back to Seattle tomorrow to spend the week catching up on work.

As a public service, I offer this advice: Be very careful with your Passport. And go make a photocopy of it right now and keep it in a safe place so you can have all the details handy if you need to get a replacement.

Having never been outside of the continental U.S. myself, I've heard nothing but horror stories involving passports. When I finally get my own, I am having it surgically grafted to my chest. And that's one to grow on.

Major Nelson grounded [Major Nelson's Blog - Thanks Ben]


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