Mario and Sonic Events Detailed

Mario and Sonic Events Detailed

mariosonicdeets.jpgSega has revealed details on the game modes and Olympic events included in the upcoming Mario and Sonic At The Olympic Games, the historic meeting of the mascots. Six field events, three track events, and two each of aquatics and gymnastics around rounded out with skeet shooting, archery, table tennis, rowing, and Crecente’s personal favorite, epée fencing. Omissions that make me sad include diving, weightlifting, and synchronized swimming, which would have made for an excellent Simon says style minigame. Speaking of minigames, players will be able to compete in said tiny games along with trivia and quizzes in order to unlock Olympic facts in the gallery. Exciting, I know, but you need something to do once you completed the challenges of Mission Mode, run yourself through Circuit Mode, and exhausted your favourite events in Single Match Mode. Hit the jump for more details.

SEGA Unveils Details For Mario & Sonic At The Olympic GamesTM

LONDON (September. 26, 2007) – SEGA Europe Ltd and SEGA® of America, Inc., today revealed details of the exciting blockbuster title, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Gamesâ„¢. Published by SEGA across Europe and North America, and published by Nintendo in the Japanese market, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games is licensed through a worldwide partnership with International Sports Multimedia (ISM), the exclusive interactive entertainment software licensee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

This exciting new game for the Wiiâ„¢ video game system Wiiâ„¢ and Nintendo DSâ„¢ system is packed with all-new interactive features and includes 20 authentic Olympic events – played out in stylised Olympic venues. Using the Wii Remoteâ„¢ and Nunchuckâ„¢ control system, players can have an unparalleled interactive experience and compete using one of 16 characters – 8 from the world of Mario and 8 from the world of Sonic. The Wii controls are created specifically to replicate the actions that offer the best results for each event which include:

Fencing – Individual epée
Shooting – Skeet
Gymnastics – Trampoline
Gymnastics – Vault
Field – High Jump
Field – Pole Vault
Field – Long Jump
Field – Triple Jump
Field – Javelin Throw
Field – Hammer Throw
Rowing – Single Sculls
Table Tennis – Singles
Aquatics – 100m Freestyle
Aquatics – 4x100m Freestyle
Track – 110m and 400m Hurdles
Track – 4x100m Relay
Track -100m and 400m

The interactive Wii controls include actions like swinging the Wii Remoteâ„¢ to simulate hammer throw, notching the Nunchuk to shoot arrows, and replicating swimming strokes. Players can also discover the best way to win a game by experimenting with different movements to discover secret boosts to propel them towards a win.

With four playing styles to choose from, players can decide their game strategy: all-around, technical, speed, and power – for example: Mario and Amy (All-around), Peach and Tails (Technical), Sonic and Yoshi (Speed), and Knuckles and Bowser (Power). Players will be able to choose and try out, in both single and multiplayer mode, each event individually with Single Match mode (where players can choose their event and play until they score top marks). They can also compete for the highest overall score in a series of events in Circuit mode (where players can either create their own circuit by choosing the individual events, choose a pre-determined circuit, or randomly generate a circuit). Gamers looking for extra tests of their athletic abilities can choose the single-player Mission mode and earn top marks on challenges made for only the toughest athlete. Additionally, gamers can learn about the history of the Olympic Games through trivia, quizzes, and mini-games and unlock all-new facts and figures from past Olympic Games in the Gallery.


  • I still can’t stand the fact that Sonic/Shadow will be beaten in ANY event… Let alone that this will sell 4 milliion copies…

  • I rented this game and it`s completely easy…5 hours max to complete the circuit mode..1 hour a character for missions..and like 1 hour for the gallery games..than after that about 1 hour looking for the ways to get emblems and trophies..I solemnly Suggest you get this game though, Multiplayer is the best..Especially the gloating

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