Marvel VP Would Love To See Marvel vs Capcom "Live On"

mvc2.jpgThe Marvel vs Capcom games were good. No. They were great. I think so, you think so, everyone thinks so. Even Marvel's new VP of interactive media, Justin Lambros, who when asked by Gamasutra if there was a chance the games could be re-released via digital download said:

Yeah, those are among my all time favourites. I'm a huge 2D fighting fan... the Marvel Vs. Capcom stuff has a definite close place in my heart, so we definitely wanna see that stuff live on.

I'd like to think that's a positive response. Street Fighters are all well and good, but Marvel vs Capcom 2 on XBLA, the PS Store or even the Virtual Console would be just a pinch better. Marvel's Lambros Talks EA Fighting Game, Reissue Possibilities [Gamasutra]


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