Master Chief Retires After Halo 3, Sells Suit

91b34f7214-1.jpgIn honour of Videogame/Halo 3 Day, we're taking a look at Master Chief's more quiet side—the untold story of the man behind the mask. He enjoys working in his garden, making his own compost out of kitchen scraps and, most of all, sitting back with a nice cool glass of lemonade.

OK, this shot is actually a picture of a Master Chief suit for sale on Ebay. The opening bid starts at $US1,125.00. And we're gonna stop writing about Halo 3 before the readers attack and we need to purchase the armour for personal protection.

Halo 3 Spartan Master Chief Armour Costume Helmet Suit [via hawtymcblog]


    i want a suit so bad i dont know where to buy one

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